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'ello I'm from Japan and supposable I'm cute. I love Anime and Manga. I'm Riyu's cousin and a friend of Jess. I get in lots of trouble because me and Jess pull pranks. ^^ I hope you enjoy the things I type.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Okay to catch up I'm sorry i haven't been posting in a while but it's because i had to restart my laptop for being stupid and deleting my Internet!!! Okay there's this new dude at school in Riyu's grade and he's picking on me and doing weird stuff to Riyu like holding her face close enough to his to kiss her.*Shivers at the thought* That dude's name is Jack and he looks a lot like Jess only shorter. Weirdo


Storm said...

is he see-through? come to think... is jess see-through? and WHOOO he's short!!! it makes it easy to hate him... nothing against short people, but they often have Napoleon complexes.

Riyu said...

he's human ok he-no-dead...yet...by Jess...

Catch and The Misfits said...

Hi, Soichiro! You are NNLP's (or I guess Riyu's) cousin? Neat! I have a question for Jess if he is around:
Do you have a brother or cousin or something??? Perhaps you and Jake are related in some way. (Don't take that in offense, I don't think you act like him at all but Soichiro said that Jake looked like you only shorter.) Only NNLP/Riyu and Soichiro can see you, right? So I am assuming even blood relatives can't see you. But maybe they can. Has ANYBODY whatsoever in your family been able to see you or hear you??? If so, try to see if Jake can see you. A little wierd, I know, but maybe he could and that might be the reason he is like that around NNLP/Riyu. Maybe he CAN see you, therefore he may be able to see that you and her hang out a lot and wants to see your own reaction towards what he does. Maybe he wants to see if NNLP/Riyu ever mentions you or goes to you if he picks on her. Maybe he just likes her. Okay, I think that two out of three of my hypotheses are WAY far fetched and one is just a little wierd but...

Later, everybody!


Catch and The Misfits said...

You both even have similar names, Jess! Perhaps you two are related.


Riyu said...

Cain you ask way too many questions and I LIKE THAT!!!

*Jess takes over the computer and throws Riyu her current manga*

Okay here's the deal. How could an evil, perverted boy be related to me!!! No matter how many times i mess with Jake he cannot see me...thank god!!!
Riyu never asks me to do anything about Jake and she never calls for help...i don't think that girl has a weakness.

*Riyu slaps Jess with the manga book and retieves the computer*

Does that anwser your question? Right now Jess is mad at me and I'll explain why in my blog.